The Boy Joys are a Boston legend of sorts, featuring singer/guitarist Aaron Tap (Probably best known for his work with Matt Nathanson). Their monicker comes from a band called The Joy Boys who backed The Bee Gees on recording sessions in Australia at the dawn of their career. The Boy Joys reformed for this project to record "Cucumber Castle" in a style that brings to mind classic early 70's Queen complete with soaring harmonies and Brian May style guitar work.


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The Boy Joys

Bebopalula is a brand spankin' new band based in L.A.. They are led by singer/guitarist/producer Chris Price who recorded "Please Read Me" for the B-side of our Emitt Rhodes Record Store Day single. He also proudced Emitt's version of "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart." For the deluxe edition bonus disc of To Love The Bee Gees Bebop have recorded a stellar power pop rave up "Melody Fair."


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Brazzaville is a many time zone musical contraption centered on David Brown, a one-time Los Angelino who now calls Barcelona casa. The band has been releasing exquisite mellow alt pop albums since 1997. Their last long player Oceans Of Ganymede was released in 2016.

Brazzaville have chosen the sweet and vulnerable "Fanny Be Tender (With My Love)" from 1975's Main Course album, as their song for To Love The Bee Gees.  


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Dylan chose, and flat out nailed, his versions of the first big Bee Gees international hit, "Massachusetts." Gardner has spent the last 10 years obsessed with the art of songwriting, and the Internet put the entire history of sound at his fingertips.

This joyous toil begat a talent of epic potential; innocent and sophisticated; classic but very much up-to-the-moment. Utterly comfortable and confident in his own skin. Dylan’s debut album Adventures in Real Time, co-produced with John Dragonetti of the Submarines, was released in 2016 by Warner Brothers Records and supported by a slew of live performances across the U.S. A


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Dylan Gardner

Elayna Boynton

Elayna is an independent singer/songwriter, whose musical style crosses genres, weaving a sonic blend of sultry vocals, confessional folk‐style songwriting and infectious energy. 


In 2012 Elayna’s song, “Freedom,” was prominently featured in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” and accompanying soundtrack. The song was co‐written and sung with Anthony Hamilton.  Elayna has also garnered attention via her cover of Aretha Franklin's classic "One Room Paradise," used by Ikea in a high profile international advertising campaign in 2013.


Elayna is currently writing music and recording her debut album, scheduled for release in 2017. She took some time off to join our project via two stop-dead-in-your-tracks versions of "To Love Somebody."


Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes remains one of Pop Music's greats, mixing equal parts talent and enigma. He is best known for his three wonderful albums released between 1970 and 1973: Emitt Rhodes, Mirror Mirror, and Farewell to Paradise. Since then, Emitt has been out of the limelight recording on his own and producing others at his studio in Hawthorne, CA. There have been a few tantalizing bits of music here and there since then, and a lauded documentary entitled One Man Beatles released in 2009. With two versions recorded of "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart," Emitt began re-emergence that culminated it wonderful comeback album Rainbow Ends, released on Omnivore Records. We are so happy to play a small part in Emitt's story with To Love The Bee Gees. 

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Gloom Balloon

This Des Moines duo make a glorious indie pop racket. Blogs and Spin Magazine have praised their sonic wanderings and a technicolor future in rock seems destined to follow. We connected with GB via Twitter and their remake of "Words" feels like Spike Jones meets The Flaming Lips. 


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Isobel Campbell

Isobel has taken on perhaps the greatest of all Bee Gees ballads "How Deep Is Your Love." She is known for her three duet albums with Mark Lanegan and work as a founding member of the ever-so-brilliant Belle & Sebastian. Campbell has also worked under the band name Gentle Waves and is currently writing songs for a new solo album to be released by the Easy Sound Recording Company. 

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Jess Delgado

Jess is relatively new to the limelight but oh so talented. She grew up in Texas and moved to Los Angeles to follow her muse. She has a gorgeous voice and deep love of the French chanteuse style of singing. Jess has recorded English and French versions of "I Can Bring Love," Barry Gibb's beautiful Bacharachian love song from the album To Whom It May Concern.


Jess has recorded a series of EPs over the past few years and her most recent release is the Your Girl EP that you can find on iTunes.


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Funk, rock, dance, electronica, and traditional Mexican music styles are blended to brilliance in the songs of Kinky. Since their breakthrough in 2002 with the hit "Más" this quintet has released a string of groove heavy albums to acclaim on both sides of the border and played hundreds of live shows to adoring fans. Earlier this year their success continued with the release their MTV unplugged album

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Low Leaf

Los Angeles based artist Low Leaf is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer. Rooted in classical piano since early childhood, she currently combines an array of genres by playing the harp, keys, guitar, singing, and making beats. Her self-taught harp and production skills give way for a more unrestricted and unique sound. Having consistently toured internationally since 2012, Low Leaf is steadily expanding her music and vision across the planet. She ultimately seeks to be a voice of nature and her cosmic ancestors in hopes to heal and reawaken the world as a universal family. 

Low took a shine to "Blue Island," a stand-out track from The Bee Gees album Size Doesn't Matter. Her versions are a compelling, lush re-envisioning of the original words and music. She truly pays hommage and makes the song her own at the same time.

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Martin Carr

Martin has recorded two amazing versions of "Stayin' Alive." He is best known as the lead guitarist of The Boo Radleys who scored a top 10 UK hit with the song "Wake Up Boo" in 1995 and released a clutch of essential, imaginative alt rock albums throughout the 90's on Creation Records. Martin has since worked as a producer and solo artist. His debut solo album The Breaks, is out now on Tapete Records. 

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Mary Margaret O'Hara

Canadian artist Mary Margaret O'Hara has been called a "National Treasure" by Michael Stipe, sung with Morrissey, and released the near legendary album Miss America. She lives in Toronto and only rarely records these days so her presence on this album is something special. Ms. O'Hara has done a version of "Tell My Why" (originally on the album 2 Years Later). It is stark, moody, and windswept beautiful.






Myron & E 

Myron and E are leading lights in the vibrant modern Soul scene. They have put out a string of highly regarded singles and the essential debut album Broadway. The latter was released via influential indie Stones Throw Records. They have toured extensively through the U.S. and Europe and garnered airplay on many of the best radio stations in the country including KCRW and KEXP.


The duo has chosen to record two versions of "Jive Talkin'," the song that epitomized the arrival of The Bee Gees as a force to be reckoned with in the Soul/Funk/Dance combine that was just then becoming known as Disco.

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The Silver Seas/Daniel Tashian

Once upon a time The Silver Seas were The Bees but for legal reasons they changed monikers. To date four stellar long players stuffed with gorgeous pop rock have been released. The version of "I Started A Joke" on To Love The Bee Gees was recorded on a break from the sessions for their much anticipated new album X due out in late 2016. Lead singer Daniel Tashian recorded "Night Fever" for the deluxe edition bonus album

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SheLoom are a globe-spanning combine of musical awesomeness. Singer/multi-instrumentalist Eric Matthews (Best known for his albums on Sub Pop) is based in Oregon, Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star), lives a few hours north of Toronto, and songwriter/producer Filippo Gaetani makes his home in Austria. Together they create intricate elegant pop music like the two versions "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You" created for To Love The Bee Gees.

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